Crowd Management


Crowd Management

The overall safety and enjoyment of your audience will depend largely on effective crowd management. But why do crowds need to be managed?

Here are a few reasons:
First, large gatherings of people increase the odds of dangerous incidents and occurrences happening.

Second, individuals within a crowd always take for granted that others have the responsibility.

Third, large crowds or gatherings of people make changes in action and communication slower and more complicated.  A competent crowd management plan has appropriate signage, an effectual communication structure, services for various disabled individuals, a properly trained and capable staff, and procedures and policies for all possible instances.

Our services include:

  • Local authority liaison and management of the regulatory approval process
  • Comprehensive Crowd Management Plans
  • Queue Management
  • Crowd Risk Assessments
  • Evacuation and emergency exit planning
  • Capacity calculations
  • Crowd Profiling
  • Flow Rate Analysis
  • Venue Safety Checks